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15 years of experience and success

Limited Liability Company “Ekran UKV” – the first Ukrainian Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider. We offer high-complexity electronic manufacturing solutions to OEMs operating in a wide variety of market segments. Our company was founded in 2002 on basis of Lucent Technologies CheZaRa Ltd Manufacturing Operations, as a result of restructuring process of Lucent Technologies. The factory of Lucent Technologies CheZaRa Ltd was operating from April 1998 and provided assembly of various types of telecommunication equipment for Lucent Technologies. About 95% of some products were exported worldwide (main directions were Western Europe and Russia). Our factory was certified on ISO9001 and ISO1400 and all products are produced in accordance with Lucent Technologies quality requirements and international Electronic Industry and telecommunication standards. Our personnel was trained at the Lucent Technologies production facilities in the Netherlands, Spain and Poland. In April 2002 Lucent Technologies CheZaRa transferred all production facilities and personnel to the new company. From this moment we started our operation as an independent Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider.

Why EKRAN is your best Ukrainian partner

Ekran is a complex EMS provider that offer full range of services – product development, prototyping, low and medium volume manufacturing, post production services. High and solid quality of our services and products – is our business focus. We built consistent Quality Management System that allows us to optimize every process and operation in our company constantly improving quality of our services.


Quality, Speed, and Flexibility – are the fundamentals of services that we offer to our customers.

In our company implemented a quality management system that guarantees the compliance of products with international industry standards. Key components of this system are: a progressive process control, strict control of finished products quality, as well as continuous analyzing and improvement of the products and services quality and the customers’ feedback evaluation.

We are trying to fulfill all customers’ requirements in the shortest term despite of products complexity. Our company has a experienced team an extensive range of equipment for automated Assembly, which allows rapid production of medium and low volume batches.

Due to the optimal balance of powerful production facilities, highly qualified staff and many years of experience, we have the opportunity to build the technological assembly process for each unique customer's products. This minimizes production time and material costs providing best time-to-market.

Our strategy

Continuous development and self improvement with the aim of improving the quality of services provided by our company is a priority strategic direction for all our activities. Constantly expanding the products range and a growing number of our customers as well as positive customers’ feedback – are the indicators of our development market reputation and grow.

Our services

Printed Circuit Board Assembly – is the core part of our electronic manufacturing services. We provide full range of manufacturing solutions for board level electronics production.


Assembly of single or double sided PCBAs different types and complexity – FR4, aluminum or cooper based laminates, high frequency materials, e.t.c. Using a wide range of components sizes and types, including 0402 chips, BGA packages and oversized or non-standard components. Depending on customer requirements we can provide lead free as well as classic lead based assembly process.


Thru Hole progressive assembly with hand soldering or Wave soldering. Wide range of processed components – radial, axial, single or double row ICs, non standard components


Provided by combining of SMT and THT using Reflow, Intrusive Reflow (Pin In Paste) and Dual Wave Soldering and manual post assembly.


We provide complete electro-mechanical product assembly including finished PCB and sub-modules In-Box assembly, Press Fit assembly of interconnection elements, Backplane Assembly, Cable Wiring, Device Programming, etc. Based on customer requirements we can perform In-Circuit and Functional Testing assembled PCBs and finished products as well as climatic or other specialized testing.


We provide a full range of R&D services for different type of electronics and can perform complete product development as well as Customer Design Support. Working in touch with customer R&D team our specialists can help to optimize product design for full-volume production. At this stage we perform Design For Assembly (DFA), Design For Manufacture (DFM), Design For Test (DFT) project analysis and provide customer all necessary support for product optimization. Ultimately, this leads to increased manufacturability of and reducing the cost of the finished product.

Our capabilities

Technological characteristics

Maximum Board sizes

508mm Х 508mm

The minimum dimensions of the Board

60mm Х 60mm

Maximum productivity

33000 cph

Placement accuracy

Up to 15μ

Board thickness

0,5mm - 5mm

The dimensions of the components

0402size 50Х50mm

We the ability to test assembled electronic modules with ICT (In Circuit Test with bed of nail test fixtures), functional testing using our measuring equipment, or equipment of the customer. We also climatic testing of products.

Within full range end-to-end solutions we provide repair services of our products on whole lifecycle. Our equipment tooling and experienced personnel allows to perform a high complexity product repair - from the restoration of damaged PWBs, to replacing a BGA components, e.t.c

our product

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